Sunday, September 9, 2012

Elsword | FREE K-Ching! is one of the BEST sites to earn fast, and easy K-Ching! All you have to do is complete simple surveys by, registering at sites, completing surveys/offers, playing games and watching videos! Once you have earned 5 - 10 points just go to Prizes and find the $5 dollar Ultimate Game Card for only 5 points! Or at a discount get the $10 Ultimate Game Card for only 9 points! You will also be able to purchase $10 Karma Koin cards from the prize shop for 10 points.

Once you claim the card just go to Prizes > Prize Claim History and click View by your prize name; this will give you your prize code INSTANTLY!

I have been a member of PrizeRebel for around a year now and have earned a total of $293.37, just by logging on in my spare time and completing a couple of surveys every now and then. is another good site to look at. They offer multiple contest every day and a ton of easy surveys to complete. In order to get your free K-Ching from this site you will need a PayPal account to send your cash to. After you have earned you cash all you will need to do is withdraw your money to you PayPal account and enjoy!

If you do not have a PayPal account you can withdraw your cash as a Walmart Gift Card, and receive the card in the mail. With this you can buy an Ultimate Game Card from Walmart.

I have not been a member of HillBilly Dollarz for too long but I have earned over $400 on their site. HillBilly Dollarz is one of the best ways to get PayPal cash.